Used Cooking Oil Recycling in Southern Louisiana

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The Best Used Cooking Oil Recycling Partner

We want to earn your business by performing every day. We don’t require punitive long term contracts that self renew, instead, we give you a 30 day guarantee cancellation policy. If you need a prompt response, call or text Al Johnson – owner, directly at 985-778-3104 day or night 24/7.

When we recycle your used cooking oil, we keep our hoses, trucks and bins clean. Our container is an extension of your kitchen in your restaurant or food facility so we make sure every container is lightly cleaned each time we pickup your used cooking oil or we replace it with a clean, fresh container. 

Prompt Used Cooking Oil Collection

Our company strives to solve problems before they arise. Every time your restaurant’s used cooking oil is picked up, we evaluate the pickup cycle to make sure our staff is arriving the next time when the container is at 80% full.

If you need special emergency service, we’re here 24/7. Just call the owner, Al. No “customer engagement” centers or foreign phone banks. Your problem will be handled promptly. If you need your used cooking oil picked up right away, we’ll be there.

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Southern Louisiana Coverage

If you’re in Southern Louisiana we can handle your used cooking oil collection and your grease trap cleaning. From Picayune to Patterson to Lake Charles and everywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Organizations like the Archdiocese of New Orleans and St. Tammany School System trust us to service 100+ school locations spread throughout Southern Louisiana.

Service Driven

Quality service ensures our clients stay for the long run.

Automation Focused

We offer automated systems that save you money.


Fully licensed and insured. You can trust Rebirth Biofuels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Rebirth will be reliable and pick up my restaurant’s oil when I need them to?

We schedule used cooking oil pickups so you know when to expect us. An off schedule pickup or trap issue? You have the CEO’s cell phone number.

Do you provide indoor UCO systems?

We provide cutting edge cooking oil management systems and they cost less than you’d think. You can prevent injuries and accidents and save on workman’s comp and insurance premiums. If you produce enough oil it makes perfect sense.

Do you clean grease traps?

We do! You only have to make one call–to us! We are licensed grease trap cleaners in Louisiana.

Ready to get started?

Give us a call or fill out a form to learn more or get your restaurant oil removal service started as soon as you need it!

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